One of the closest destinations to my country and one of the most extraordinary. I entered the wonderful ancients streets of Rome, tasting each corner with the magnificence of its buildings going along her historical route. I could enjoy the tirrenian coast in charming small villages such as Gaeta and Formia and got surprised  with an authentic Neapolitan pizza walking through the peculiar little streets of Naples. Undoubtedly a country rich in all its aspects which makes a sure destination.


Cheerful, crazy, decadent but beautiful, sometimes exasperating and magnetic at the same time, Cuba has an unmistakable charm. Undoubtedly there is one thing to say about its best: the cubans. Cubans are the friendliest people in this world. They will talk to anyone, and are generous about their time or money. In other words, people is the engine which makes this country a special place to visit.